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Authentica Décor



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The design that survived for centuries coming all the way back from Egypt, carrying stories that lived with the basic people of Cairo, and brightened many luxuries palaces. Giving you a piece that carries the heart of art and authenticity, to add a bit of warmth and join the cozy space of yours.

The Egyptian handmade piece comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes to best fit your Boho or Contemporary style. Our collection is made out of copper, plated in silver, gold, to deliver the best quality you deserve.


Each piece is very easy and simple to install. It comes with a lamp and screw cap. The pending light requires a long wire from the ceiling to go around the chain and feed electricity into the lamp.

Size 5: 15.5Ø

Size 4: 13.5Ø

Size 3: 10.5Ø

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